Zosana Pharma Corp (NASDAQ:ZSAN) Transdermal Therapeutic Satisfies Both Co-Primary Endpoints In The ZOTRIP Pivotal Efficacy Trial


It was recently announced by Zosana Pharma (NASDAQ:ZSAN), that the drug, which the company had developed, for the treatment of A migraine related injuries, and symptoms, successfully satisfied the prerequisites of both co-primary endpoints in the ZOTRIP Pivotal Efficacy Trial.

 The drug itself is the landmark product of the company, which goes by the name of M207, and admirably, when applied to a patient, this drug shows no sign of adverse side-effects, which are normally expected.

The trial of the M207 Treatment Drug

The ZOTRIP study itself is a multicentre, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, dose-ranging trial, which essentially is designed to test the effectiveness, and contradictions of a drug, in all ways possible.

According to the reports of the trial, an overall 589 subjects, were included in the treatment regime of the trial. This took place across 36 various sites based throughout the United States and showed surprisingly positive results.

The trial also operated, through putting three separate dosages in comparison. The dosage measurements, namely were the 1.0 Mg, 1,9 Mg, and 3.8 Mg. According to the trial, the strongest dosage met the second endpoint of the trial, with a pain relief time of 45 minutes, as well as durability of pain relief lasting from between 24 to 48 hours.

Comments and details on the trial

The other two dosages also reported a rather fast-paced pain relief on patients with various migraine symptoms, at various levels of severity.

Director of Dartmouth Headache Clinic, Professor Of Neurology at Geisel School Of Medicine at Dartmouth, and MD, Stewart Tepper, stated, “The ZOTRIP study was successful from the dual perspectives of meeting the co=primary end points and no serious adverse events.”

Tepper went on in this statement to explain the various results of this drug, including the rapid pain freedom, as well as durability of duration, to which the pain is relieved in said patient. Tepper explained how if approved, this drug, could do well in the public market, due to its quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.


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