Will This Lead to a Cure for Alzheimer’s?


When looking at what may be the nation’s top two killers of people, it’s no surprise that heart disease and cancer come in at the top of this list. This by no means makes the prospect of developing Alzheimer’s any less terrifying.

According to the information from the Alzheimer’s Association, with more than an estimated 5 million people in the United States, a vast majority of them consist of senior citizens who currently have Alzheimer’s disease. However it is projected by 2050 almost 14 million people within the United States, are said to be diagnosed with this awful illness.

Many have come to find that there are a few reasons that makes Alzheimer’s a complicated illness. First, the blood brain barrier makes it difficult to develop drugs that will work efficiently on targeting the brain. Second Alzheimer’s is a difficult disease to treat on that the studies that have been conducted have not pin pointed what triggers it.

With potential hope for the future in regards to a study out of the land down under,  Queensland in Australia and published in Science Translation Medicine, a system to reverse the effects of the Alzheimer’s illness may be a possibility in the near future.

Research and testing that has been conducted at the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI)  have used a very unique type of repeated scanning ultrasound treatment to breach the blood-brain barrier and direct sound waves into the brain tissue.

These sound waves, through the use of ultrasound, have stimulated the microglial cells in the mice which are responsible for removing waste from the brain.

Though this is early in the R&D phase, it will be testing like this which will help lead the way to finding effective treatments for this debilitating disease.


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