Will Hope For Breast Cancer Sufferers Be Found In Ireland?


    The Irish Cancer Society has funded new research to test a novel type of drug being tried on women with HER2-positive breast cancer. The drug is called copanlisib and is being focused on to treat one of the quickest spreading forms of breast cancer. Naomi Elster, a research scholar says that the drug (when combined with traditional therapies) acts as a signal blocker and can halt the spread of the disease.

    30 women will be involved in this trial and roughly 200 patients could benefit from this therapy at any one time. It would appear that the combination of drugs could prove to be effective in breast cancer cells, which have become resistant to certain treatments. The specific study is being led by Beaumont Hospital oncologist Prof Bryan Hennessy and will also involve investigating changes in the DNA of the tumors of some cancer patients.

    “Better understanding of how cancer works means researchers are more likely to find new treatments for individual patients,” states the Irish Cancer Society’s head of research Dr Robert O’ Connor


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