Why Opko Health Inc. (NASDAQ:OPK) Is In Focus?


Earlier in the year, Opko Health Inc. (NASDAQ:OPK) reported that GeneDx, Inc., which is a subsidiary firm of company’s BioReference Laboratories, has finalized a research deal with the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Radboud and GeneDX intend to identify novel pathways and genes to help understand the clinical characteristics, causes and eventual controlling of human genetic diseases. In addition, the project will enhance informatics and statistical processes to rapidly and robustly diagnose people with genetic conditions.

The details

GeneDx, which is an industry pioneer in whole exome sequencing, introduced its WES program in 2011. In the preceding five years, work at GeneDx has assisted contribute or discover to the phenotypic understanding of several unique disease genes related with advancement delay or intellectual disability. With the latest research collaboration, the trial cohort will expand with around 3,000 additional cases from Radboud, thus establishing the major combined data group of neurodevelopmental exomes for genetic assessment and discovery.

Kyle Retterer, the Co-Principal Investigator, and Chief Innovation Officer of GeneDx, reported that the prospect to collaborate with Radboud is marks as another thrilling advancement for their WES program. The shared combination of their analytical tools and data summaries to perform meta-analyses of Radboud and GeneDx datasets will help them better comprehend the genetic basis of neurological disease and health.

Radboud’s major strength is the combination of clinical practice and medical life sciences. The medical center boasts an infrastructure constituted of three research institutes and advanced technology centers. This center’s scientists conduct cross disciplinary research pertaining 18 clinically pertinent research themes.

Christian Gilissen, the principal investigator for the reported collaboration and Associate Professor at the Radboud, reported that with this collaboration they expect to expand their knowledge of neurodevelopmental ailments and offer better diagnoses to their patients. They are delighted to associate with GeneDX on this assignment.


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