Why Focus Should Be On Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc (NASDAQ:NWBO)?

Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc

When the market presumes a medication has failed, valuations can even go to zero. If the medication has succeeded, it would mark a great time to invest in the Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc (NASDAQ:NWBO) stock. DCVax is a tailored oncology therapy, and has shown significant promise in numerous cancers in early-stage studies. The firm ‘s choice not to pursue a solution for NASDAQ delisting, and to instead get approval in OTCQB, will assist it go after much-required funding for research.

The highlights

Northwest Biotherapeutics decision to dismiss the NASDAQ delisting with a smarter decision of electing to list on the OTCQB market is seen as a promising step by many analysts. This will allow the company to generate funds without much concerns.  Earlier in December 8, the market witnessed NWBO shares price posted a big decline after the delisting news. In the intraday session, the stock even saw low price of around $ 0.35. The direction reversed later, and to the high made of $0.81 a couple of trading sessions ago.

Analysts gave a target price of $1.95 to this stock after its delisting from NASDAQ. The higher closing price of Northwest stock in recent trading sessions will be added support for the move up. Coming to the financial pictures, the firm has burned cash of almost $21 million in marketing and clinical studies which has almost drained them of accessible funds, and is suggestive of the firm having to seek surplus sources of funding in the imminent year to continue their work and research on DCVax-L.

The company has not opted some inexplicable methods of mitigating their risk with the option of reverse splits. Considering the overall performance, it appears that the worst is behind for the company. It can look for more options and other problems beyond the delisting and toward the efforts they out in on DCVax lines of vaccine-based therapy of cancer.


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