What It Takes To Get Through Cancer


It’s about time; the medical community is revealing data that shows something that cancer patients know instinctively: It takes a village to get through cancer treatments. A recent study from the University of Michigan discovered that majority of women who have to undergo breast cancer surgery hardly ever walk into their first appointment alone.

According to the study, more than 50% of the 2,500 women surveyed, patients with early stage breast cancer, involved three people in the process of choosing whether to have surgery. An additional 20 percent involved at least two people in that decision process. And three-quarters of those surveyed brought friends or family with them to appointments and treatments.

Recently, cancer research is creating, even more, options, and more ways to get more time, or to be cured. Though that also means that deciding what to is difficult. It’s not liked the old TV show from back in the day that says, “Do everything you can, Doc.”

It’s extremely helpful to have trusted advisors, both personal and medical, to help you choose what’s the best option for you. Do the benefits of a treatment outweigh the side effects? What’s the recovery time? What will your life likely be like in the years following treatment? And the questions can go on for days.

Understand that, its important with cancer to surround your-self that love you and you love. Never be afraid to ask for help and remember that you are not alone.


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