Upstate Senators Prohibit the Passing of Vaccine Legislation



The Senate this past Thursday approved a House bill directed at educating students and parents about cervical cancer vaccines. However the bill will approach grim chances of passing this year because two Upstate senators have were opposed to the legislation because of issues over vaccine side effects as well as the language in an educational brochure will look like.
Sen Mike Fair, a Greenville Republican, stated he would like to see what the brochure that would be dispersed amongst sixth graders would look like, while Sen. Lee Bright, a potential side effect of the vaccines as well the state “becoming a marketing arm for a pharmaceutical company.
Yet, Heather Brandit, a women who studies cancer at the University of South Carolina, stated Bright’s worries are unfounded and that the vaccines are needed in the state, which places at 47th in the nation in utilizing the vaccine for kids.
in reference from the American Cancer Society, over 200 women in the state will be diagnosed with cervical cancer this year, more than 65 people will die from the disease.
Brandit stated the legislation would allow DHEC to give vaccines to adolescents who potentially might not receive them. either because they’re not insured or not poor enough to qualify for federal funding, a group of between 2,400 to 4,000 annually.
Bright stated he is not content whether he will switch his opposition.
“There’s no substitute for pap smears,” Bright said to The Greenville News. “I’ve spoken to a lot of folks on both sides of the issue and I’m listening. But I’m really concerned about reports I’ve read about folks with debilitating side effects.”
Bright stated many vaccines are used to prevent diseases “you can’t control.”


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