Things Look Up For Amygdala Biotech Stocks As Gilead Sciences, Inc (NASDAQ:GILD) Sells GS-6637

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An unexpected move by Gilead Sciences, however one that is sure to improve the standings of Amygdala’s biotechnology stocks, is the sale of the GS-6637. This news, pertaining to Amygdala acquiring GS-6637 was first announced on February, 16.

Another advantage of this drug is the fact that the drug has already got through the first few phases, in terms of clinical trials. Currently, GS-6637 is going through the process for its phase II clinical trials.

Why this acquisition is key to market opportunity for Amygdala

The GS-6637 is a drug, which has been developed to serve as a selective ALDH2 inhibitor, which has the ability to aid those with addictions through preventing the pathophysiologic dopamine surges, which are responsible for causing addictions and substance abuse.

Although this is by no means a new innovative drug, it is something that has a highmarket opportunity due to the demand and supply ratio in current markets. Therefore, if deployed and utilized correctly, this drug can be a key changer for Amygdala.

The CEO of Amygdala, Peter Strumph explained how the drug will be going through its clinical trials this coming year. Furthermore, in his statements, he illustrated that the company would be implementing the drug as a treatment therapy for addicts who either frequently takes cocaine or those with alcohol use disorders.

The key objectives of GS-6637

Although the company has not released any commercially valuable information, it has been revealed that the drug’s main attribute, will be to aid those who are quitting substance abuse, resist periods of relapse.

Currently, the drug has only been tested on animals, and from this study, it has been determined, that in the case of animals, the drug is effective, in preventing cravings related to various substances, which are both addictive and harmful for an individual’s body.


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