There Are Over One Million Children In the United States That are Taking Psychiatric Drugs


The use and prescription of psychiatric drugs in America has now gone to one out of every six Americans on some sort of medication in the category. The concern is extremely high given that there are a myriad of not only side effects, addiction possibilities, and poor effectiveness, but also the outlandish amount of overprescription occurring.

A group that watches mental health known as Citizens Commission on Human Rights, is helping to bring attention to the concern over the million or so children younger than age six that are on these drugs.

the majority of children on these drugs are around four to five years old, but a staggering 274,804 are younger than one year old. That is a scary number to think about when looking at the age of these children and the seriousness of the drugs they are being given.

The number of these drugs do not just come from patients who have ADHD as most would think, but rather antidepressants and antipsychotics as well. There are currently 227,132 babies under one as well as 248,000 aged four to five that are taking these serious medications.

The number becomes even more serious due to the fact that experts state the estimates are extremely low and that the real number of kids who are taking these devastating drugs are way higher than previously thought. Doctors also have been noted to have a tendency to give patients drugs that are for “off-label” uses which can be extremely dangerous as well as being ineffective.

There are many alternative to taking these mind altering drugs but children do not usually have a say when a doctor gives orders. With a massive number of side effects, the drugs only seem to be hurting the country’s youth, rather than helping them.


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