The Various Israeli Advances that are Transforming Cancer Treatment


Cancer is the second leading cause of premature death in the US, responsible for 22.5% of American fatalities. Within Israeli borders, cancer stands to be the number one cause of death which is the reason Israel has become a leading researcher in the fight against it.

Much of the world’s effective cancer treatments have roots based in Israeli research. the research that takes place in Israel is leading the fight on lifesaving treatments years in the future.

Here’s five of the Israeli researchers studying in their search for the best cancer detection and treatment. As a group, they provide a view into the life changing scope of research being conducted by internationally renowned scientists throughout Israel’s research institutions.

Restoring infertility

For many of the world’s cancer patients, surviving for the treatment is the first part of their battle. The other issues that can affect them include infertility or the loss of healthy tissues that are extremely difficult to grow in a lab.

The key to solving these issues seems to lie in stem cells. Stem cells are early-stage cells that have the capability to divide infinitely into more cells and various cell types. These stem cells can help to repair damaged tissues throughout the body.

Dr. Jacob Hanna believes is using ICRF funding to research the various ways to take cells from healthy parts of the body and distribute them to unhealthy parts. Because the cells are being grown from the patients body, the issue of the body rejecting the tissue is nonexistent.

This treatment is unique and currently the only proven stem-cell therapy in use is directed toward transplanting bone marrow. The treatments for replacing organs or tissue is essentially not there. Hanna believes stem-cell treatments could become reality in the next twenty years.

The Fight on Brain Cancer

A particularly aggressive and extremely deadly form of brain caner, Glioblastoma, carries a very dark prognosis. Patients have an average survival time of about fifteen months from the day they are diagnosed.

Tel Aviv researcher Dr. Dan Peer is leading the fight using nanoparticle therapy to deliver drugs directly to the sites that need treatment rather than the general method of chemotherapy. The targeted parts of the body would only feel the effects rather than the entire body dealing with the aftermath of something as harsh as radiation.

The nanoparticle in use would be RNA or ribonucleic acid, whose main role in the body is to deliver instruction and carry out processes detailed in DNA. By attaching the RNA to a nanoparticle platform, doctors hope to bypass the difficulties with drug delivery by targeting the specific problem areas of a tumor.

These are just a few ways that Israeli researchers are leading the fight against cancer. With the research coming out of the Israeli state, cancer could see a steep decline in the near future as new technologies hope to eradicate the life threatening disease once and for all.


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