The Pharma Industry Pushing an Outbreak of Drug Use


We are losing a generation of young adults to hardcore drug use, and it’s time to hold the street pharmacist accountable. I’m not referencing the Mexican heroin lords or the cocaine manufacturers from Columbia. Rather, I am talking about the white-collar corporate leaders of the pharmaceutical sector.

Prescription abuse has been the catalyst for this crisis, driven in large part by the opiate drugs over the past two decades, Yes I am speaking of drugs that are made in a lab environment, sanctioned by the federal government, and prescribed by a licensed doctor. This health concern has led to the significant influx of heroin throughout all areas of our state. Our citizens are starting down the path to dependence and addiction from the opioid pain meds, and then turning to less expensive and purer heroin. Each of the opioid pain medication and heroin are derived from synthetic opium, so it is a natural transition.

The intense upturn in drug abuse actually started n the mid-1990’s when opiate pain meds first started being prescribed by doctors. Currently, more of our citizen are dying from drugs than at any time in our history. Additionally, more people are in need of drug treatment. There is a large gap between the amount of people in Pennsylvania in need of drug treatment and the resources available to offer that treatment

The Pharma sector is greatly responsible for causing this problem that has spawned to an epidemic and for continuing to add fuel to the fire with this public health issue. Their corporate crimes and unethical marketing practices have devastated families and communities throughout our country. These crimes involve promoting drugs for off-label uses, misrepresentation of research results, hiding data about risks. Medicare and Medicaid fraud and payments to prescribers and public policy makers.


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