The Opioid Crisis Is An Issue That Needs To Be Controlled


There is a large epidemic opioid addiction in America, Dr. Marc Siegel narrates a crisis that is present in the life of many patients. The use of opioid started because doctors wanted to end the pain in late-stage diseases such as cancer patients, as well as for hospice patients.

In response, pharmacies were working on new medicines that would be extremely effective in to provide a solution for patients in pain. Furthermore, the patient bill of rights in 1992, made patients understand that they should not undergo any pain, therefore the requests for pain medicines increased. Then it came the pain scale which is unreliable since patients were giving inaccurate numbers for their pain. And as a result of the pain wave, most associations such as Medicare and Medicaid were rating health systems based on their approach to treating pain. Such an approach contributed to the patient’s tendency of using addictive medications to treat pain.

It was expected that doctors treated patients with a significant amount of narcotics to treat them. The change is relevant because doctors acknowledge that years ago it was not expected to prescribe patients pain meds, but not they require each time more.

All the pain medicines had a consequence furthermore, they were killing a large number of Americans and making the younger generation each time more addicted. Doctors have stated that one of the solutions would be a quality community addiction treatment where they treat medicine addiction as a chronic health care problem. They have a positive approach to the cause as there is no judgment and it allows such patients to come forward with their cause. There is also studies that show how opioid addiction has a huge psychological withdrawal about one month after the end of use of the substance.

And it is likely that patients that are addicted will overuse when that happens and since the body cannot metabolize the drug after then, they end up dying. It is estimated that every day about 91 Americans die for the opioid addiction. Therefore, it is important to keep contact with the patients so they don’t abuse. Doctors and nurses should be aware of the enlarging cause and provide the adequate treatment for patients addicted to opioids.


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