The Launch Of A New Titration Pack By MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ:MNKD) Will Accelerate The Growth Of Afrezza

Mannkind Corporation

MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ:MNKD) has launched a new product; a Titration Pack, which contains 60 – 4 unit cartridges, and 60 – 8 unit cartridges. The new package, which intends to simplify physician prescribing of Afrezza also has 60 – 12 unit cartridges of Afrezza (insulin human) Inhalation Powder. The fully integrated biopharmaceutical company plays a great role in the development of therapeutic products for patients suffering from illnesses such as diabetes.

In expressing his appreciation for the company’s new move, Matthew Pfeffer, the Chief Executive Officer says, “The new package, along with our new sales force expansion and nurse educator model, will enable us to make a stronger impact in how we market Afrezza without dramatically increasing our cost structure. “ Additionally, our Commercial organization has several direct-to-consumer and digital media initiatives deploying in the next few months that will further expand our promotional efforts,”

The new package will help in making the marketing of Afrezza stronger

 Chief Commercial Officer of MannKind Corporation, Michael Castagna together with his team is excited by the new transition. The efforts will enhance the marketing of Afrezza as well as education and training of patients. This will essentially help in increasing compliance and persistence. The new titration package has the same similarities as those of Titration Pack with 90 – 4 unit and 90 – 8 unit cartridges, which was launched in July 2016.

The company is also seeking to expand what seems like an already fully staffed. It will be transitioning its sales force from a contract sales organization. The expanded sales force is envisioned to reach an estimation of 75% of the total Rapid-Acting Insulin Market.

But there are conditions to using Afrezza

Afrezza must not be used by people with lung problems the likes of asthma or COPD. Those with low blood sugar reaction are also warned against the use of Afrezza. Anyone intending to use it must get a recommendation from their doctor after having a thorough medical history, a physical examination, and a breathing test.

It also has a side effect, the most common being low blood sugar, which somewhat is life-threatening. Other serious symptoms include sweating, fast heartbeat, and blurred vision.


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