The Future of Biotech Industry


Being the most technologically efficient generation to date has proven astronomical results to the methods in which we go about our daily lives. Due to innovation, almost every industry is operating completely differently in comparison to where they began. With Tech Being the main catalyst for its growth, The Biotech industry has been growing at a rate almost unprecedented in prior times. Whether it be Medicinal Marijuana or Auto-immunization therapy, the growth potential in this industry is unfathomable.

An extremely sensitive issue that has been placed upon us recently, is the relative absence of efficiency in modern antibiotic medicine. As humans, our bodies have learned to adapt over time, causing us to become immune to the medicine we know and love. This has caused an epidemic that can only be faced by reformulating a lot of modern medicine. The first company to successfully implement the key medicine, will most-likely be the future leader of the pharmaceutical industry. Biotech giant Bristol-Meyers is currently in the works of developing an autoimmunization pill that is said to raise a whopping 3.4 Billion dollars in sales revenue by 2025.

Another component of the Biotech industry that has shown tremendous potential is the legalization of medicinal marijuana throughout the united states. As 23 separate states have gained approval for its wide-spread medical use, the medicinal marijuana industry has been doing everything in its midst to slowly begin replacing the use of addicting opiate substitutes.

Stem-cell research has also been receiving a multitude of attention over recent weeks, when surgery caused a quadriplegic patient to regain movement in his upper body. This is something that has never been seen before, but the controversy of the topic is ultimately hindering the potential life-changing results of Stem cell research. It will be one of the most interesting to watch on this list, especially for those smaller-cap stem cell research companies.

Technology is and will always be the main facilitator for economical improvement, and with the recent advancements during this technological-boom we live in, the bio-tech industry will be one of the most interesting to watch over the next decade.


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