The Effects of Meditation on Heart Disease


    Recently, the American Heart Association (AHA) has reported that meditation is a positive factor when treating heart diseases. They conducted studies on different heart conditions such as atherosclerosis, stress and heart attack furthermore obtained a promising feedback. Even though meditation does not completely substitute medical therapies, it contributes to the health of the compromised patient. The effects include weight loss, healthy cholesterol levels and it induces patients to stop smoking. A former professor at Baylor College of Medicine, Doctor Levine, states that meditation is a great addition to treat heart diseases since it provided great findings to the cause but it should not replace “proven therapies”.

    Most of the studies are conducted by a small group and researchers do not have accurate numbers of patients who practice meditation and who does not. Therefore, the data of heart disease studies are not completely accurate and researchers need to work on it to provide assuring results to the patients. The plan is to continue doing more research on the effect of meditation on heart disease since doctors are motivated by the potential of the practice. For now, the recommendation is to add meditation to the treatment since they know it reduces stress, the same can reduce levels of stress hormones which will deteriorate the heart disease.


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