TG Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:TGTX) Makes Its Announcement In Relation To The New Pricing In Its Common Stock Public Offering

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TG Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:TGTX) has today made an announcement regarding the way in plans to do pricing for its underwritten public offering which adds up to a total of 5,128,206 shares. The pricing of these common stock shares is expected to be such that every share goes at a price of $9.75.

According to the company’s financial experts, the company may soon be achieving $50 million in terms of proceeds which as a matter of fact will be a desirable turn. TG Therapeutics Inc happens to be one of the Biotech Stocks Picks being eyed by most of the wise investors in the region.

Additionally, the high end company has gone ahead to make public its new move to grant all the underwriters an option of 30 days to rush through the making of purchases since it is within that particular timeframe that it will be able to sell out the additional 769,230 common stock shares at the earlier on announced public offering price.

However, one thing is quite clear, TG Therapeutics stands strong and for the long term investors, there couldn’t be any better equities than the company’s shares. According to some reliable sources, the offering might come to a close on March 14, 2017, though the fact that it must align to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions is inevitable.

TG Therapeutics anticipates putting into good use the net proceeds associated with this particular offering in a bid to finance the development of TGR-1202 and TG-1101.This will go a long way towards development, acquisition as well as in the commercialization of the additional drug candidates. The offering is closely linked to a recently filed shelf registration statement with Securities and Exchange Commission.

The placement of the offering goes by two means-a prospectus supplement and a written prospectus which happen to be part and parcel of the registration statement. The accompanying prospectus associated with the offering as well as the prospectus supplement can be found on the SEC website after they were earlier on filed with SEC.

The Biotech Stock News may soon have something interesting to announce since there expectations stay high that indeed TG Therapeutics, Inc will make greater gain in some time to come.


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