Tesaro Inc. (NASDAQ:TSRO) Evaluates Its New Cancer Drug With A $5 Billion Market Opportunity

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Tesaro Inc. (NASDAQ:TSRO) seems to believe that its cancer drug regimes can have a significant impact on the businesses triple bottom line, which in turn, would boost the company’s biotech stock. The company’s vision for their cancer drug’s was illustrated by the CEO of the company.

The CEO Lonnie Moulder seems to believe that if the drugs, which currently in development, may be able to surpass a total market valuation of $5 Billion if approved by the regulatory authorities.

What Tesaro took into account when evaluating this figure

Although, this may seem to be a rather, exponential sum, regarding one specific niche on a broad scale. However, when Moulder did a presentation, explaining the company’s predictions, certainly more so for the presentation relating to the iconic drug, niraparib, it could be seen that the predictions may not be that far off.

The presentation was made at the Leerink Partners annual global healthcare conference. It was illustrated during the presentation, that the company is evaluating a total of $4 billion annual market opportunity, for niraparib.

Furthermore, the company predicted an additive of $1 billion for its various drugs responsible for the treatment of breast cancer. This same drug, the company is currently evaluating the viability of development, which may enable the drug to be used for the treatment of breast cancer.

This exponential market value will certainly leave the company as one of the best biotech stocks available on the NASDAQ exchange. However, the question is more focused on the current sales as of right now.

Do current sales for Tesaro meet that of the goals for long-term sales

The problem that a lot of company’s make is that chickens are counted before they hatch. However, Tesaro is not one of those company’s. Recently, explained how they have experienced peak sales of over $2 billion in the last few months.


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