T-Cell Therapy Erases Signs of Man’s Leukemia


    A couple that recently got married is certainly happy after hearing that an experimental treatment they decided to partake in got rid of all indications of cancer in the husband. Mike Brandon was found to have leukemia a month after proposing to Kate Brandon in 2014. After a bone marrow transplant, Brandon was put into remission, but the cancer eventually returned. Kate and Mike Brandon came to the United States so that he may partake in an experimental cancer treatment which would bring the immune system back to life to fight cancer through programming the body’s T-cells to attack cancer cells.

    “When my [leukemia] relapsed in March, we were told that it was time to plan our last days together, but Kate point blank refused,” Brandon wrote on the couple’s GoFundMe page. “We would fight on, and we have.”

    In order to find some type of new treatment, they began raising funds through GoFundMe. Eventually, they accumulated just about $600,000 and were able to go to the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Kate Brandon reported that her husband had seen awful side effects from the experimental t-cell treatment.

    “Mikes has been in intensive care for over a week, but I am pleased to say he is finally now back on the wonderful Oncology Unit,” she stated. “We were told that paradoxically the sicker that people become during this treatment, the more likely they are to have a good outcome.”

    When the sickness passed, though, the couple finally had the news they wanted to share: new tests indicated no signs of cancer.

    “Mike’s initial bone marrow biopsy test has come back clear! Prior to starting the therapy Mike’s bone marrow was almost completely made up of [leukemia] cells,” the couple wrote on their page. “28 days later there were none.”

    This was not only great for the couple but also T-Cell Therapy.

    “This is a great first step showing that the T-Cell therapy is doing exactly what we hoped it would,” they added. “We still have quite some distance to go in our journey, but we are currently filled with huge relief to have cleared such an enormous hurdle.”


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