Specific Treatments For Traumatic Brain Injury Patients


An international collaboration which is targeted at the development of improved treatments for traumatic brain injury (TBI) has finished collecting data with clinical support from Icon. Collaborative European NeuroTrauma Effectiveness Research in Traumatic Brain Injury (CENTER-TBI) is an observational study for the direct comparison of existing treatments to establish which offer the greatest benefits and which present most harm to patients.

CENTER-TBI estimates there are at 2.5 million people in Europe with TBI, which include 75,000 deaths. In the United States, the financial liability has been estimated exceeding $60 billion annually. Although unable to precisely quantify global TBI cases, CENTER-TBI believes the number is over 50 million.

The study began in December 2014 and ended this October. During its course, it registered and collected data from 4,500 patients throughout 20 countries in Europe. Icon provided both remote and onsite monitoring as well as source data verification services. Prof. Andrew Maas from the University Hospital Antwerp along with Prof. David Menon from the University of Cambridge, announced “We are reaching the end of data collection and entering the analysis phase”. The project is expected to be completed in 2020.

CENTER-TBI has developed detailed data on the illness as well as treatment and outcomes regarding cost. The project’s goal is to better characterize TBI with prognostic precision as well as understand advantages of treatments on different cases aiming towards precision medicine development. According to the Lancet Neurology Commission, “Advances in genomics, blood biomarkers, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and pathophysiological monitoring, combined with informatics to integrate data from multiple sources” could offer better insight of TBI treatment.

CENTER-TBI is only the European subdivision of International Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury Research (InTBIR). The National Institutes of Health and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research involved in the Commission on TBI with research projects throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, China, and India. The Commission pushes for new avenues in obtaining and implementing clinical data to direct care because the epidemiology of TBI is constantly varying.


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