Scientists Discover Drinking Coffee ‘Reduces Risk’ Of Liver Cancer


Coffee can lower the risk of getting liver cancer, experts have announced in a new scientific review – with research indicating the benefits could be higher the more coffee they drink. A team of scientists have announced that increasing coffee intake may reduce their risk of cancer. Both women and men benefit from the liquid. The researchers reviewed 20 studies in which the effect of coffee on the liver was analysed.

The report stated: “The effect of coffee intake on cancer risk has been a topic of considerable interest, because coffee is the second most popular beverage worldwide, ranking behind tea only.”

“Coffee contains large amounts of compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties such as caffeine, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid and polyphenols, as well as diterpenes and other antioxidants were found in that beverage.”

There is approximately 5,550 new cases of liver cancer in the UK yearly with around 5,091 people dying from the disease. Cancer Research UK says approximately 42 per cent of liver cancer cases in the UK are avoidable. This current analysis confirms research findings by the British Liver Trust published in June 2016, which said that coffee is good for the liver and it is associated with a lower risk of other liver conditions such as fibrosis and cirrhosis.

Chris Stemman, Executive Director of the British Coffee Association stated: “In the UK we drink 55 million cups of coffee a day.”

“Britain has a growing love affair with coffee so these findings are important because, amongst other health areas that have been studied, they further show how moderate coffee consumption of around four or five cups per day can be part of a healthy, balanced diet.”

The British Liver Trust stated it is imperative to keep in mind that although drinking coffee may protect you from developing liver disease and can help those who already have some degree of liver damage; the key for good liver health remains in reducing the amount of alcohol we drink, eating a good diet, drinking plenty of water, doing regular exercise and keeping to a healthy weight. Professionals at Southampton University previously revealed four coffees per day could reduce a person’s chances of developing liver cirrhosis by about two thirds.

Only one cup per day reduced the risk of cancer by 22 per cent. Two cups lowered someone’s risk by 43 per cent. Three cups cut the possibility of the disease by 57 per cent and four cups lowered the risk by 65 per cent. The scientist reviewed data from nine prior studies which included 430,000 participants – 1,990 had cirrhosis. Eight out of nine studies said increasing coffee consumption by two cups per day could lower the chances of the liver condition. The risk even continued to lower as more coffee was consumed.


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