RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp (NASDAQ:RXII) Welcomes A New Member To The Team Who Will Be Serving As Medical Oncology Expert

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It was announced recently that RXi Pharmaceuticals, a leader in medical sciences, and one of the top biotech stocks on the market, would be hiring a new member of the team. This is due to the job opening, regarding the position of Medical Oncology Expert.

The company announced on February, 14 that this position, has officially been filed by Dr. James Griffin.         This position, falls as a part of the scientific advisory board, for the company. Griffin is an MD Chairman, Department Of Medical Oncology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, to its scientific advisory board currently.

The history of Dr. Griffin

When it was officially announced that Griffin would be appointed as the Medical Oncology Expert for the firm’s advisory board, he released a statement, in which he made it clear that he was looking forward to what the future holds, in terms of his new position.

Griffin also partially revealed, what he will mainly be working on helping the team develop, which is the propriety self-delivering RNAI technology, which resides in the field of immunotherapy.

The firm also released statements, regarding the appointment of Dr. Griffin, and in these statements, it was made clear, that the firm believes the key factor, which it can benefit from is the experience, which is gained through hiring this individual.

Dr. Griffin is somewhat prestigious when it comes to the medical field, having graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1974, and still working there as a professor of medicine. In addition to this, Griffin already has a seat on various advisory boards, including Lombardi Cancer Centre, which is located at Georgetown University.

What exactly the propriety RNAI system has that other medical entities are not privy to

RNAI is a medical therapeutic, which essentially has the ability to mask down genes, which have the likelihood of causing illnesses, and, or diseases. These prove highlyapplicable in various areas of selectively blocking various genomes.

Due to the expanse of applications, to which this drug can be administered to. Upon its release, and development it is expected that the company’s biotech stocks may just soar above expectations for the financial quarter.


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