Research Group Targets New Cancer Treatments


An international conglomerate of scientist led by a team from the University of Leicester has announced a new advance in identifying the mechanisms of cancer and how to target it more efficiently with new treatments.

The two documents published in the same issue of the world- leading Journal of Cell Biology have arisen from investigative work led by Professor Andrew Fry at the University of Leicester. Each paper implies that new targets for cancer therapy.
Professor Fry, Who is the Director of Research in the College of Medicine, Biological Science and Psychology at Leicester, stated: “Together, these two papers provide exciting new insights on how cells ensure that they faithfully pass on the right amount of genetic material to their offspring when they divide. They also highlight potential new targets for the development of novel cancer treatments.”
“These papers identify a series of key steps that orchestrate the mechanics of cell division and highlight novel targets that could be inhibited to block cancer cell division. Through working with outstanding collaborators in Leicester and across the world, our future goal is to exploit this new understanding of the biology that underlies cell division to develop more effective medicines that will allow better treatments for patients with a wide range of cancers”.
With financial backing from Worldwide Cancer Research, Cancer Research UK, The Wellcome Trust, BBSRC, Medical Research Council and Hope Against Cancer, a Leicester and Ruthland-based charity, Professor Fry’s team within the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Leicester has been investigating the mechanics of cell sector. Their aim is to gather a fresh understanding on how this process is composed inside normal cells, how it can be an issue and how it potentially can be targeted with remedies than can more efficiently eliminate the tumor whilst causing less side- effects for people who have diagnosed with cancer.


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