Regular Exercise May Be The Key To Surviving a Heart Attack


According to Danish researchers, Just a few hours a week of exercise can significantly improve your odds of surviving a heart attack.

Over the course of the tests, the study found that people who exercise regularly were half as likely to die by heart attack in comparison to people who were sedentary.

“ We already know that exercise protects you from heart attacks, as well as a number of other beneficial effects” Said author Dr. Eva Prescott of the university of Copenhagen.

“ exercise is good for you, we know that. These findings confirm that and help us understand why” She said.

To study the influence of exercise on heart-attack survival, the study looked at a sample of 14,000 people in the Copenhagen-based study, none of whom had experienced a heart attack/stroke at the beginning of the study period

Participants stated their levels of physical activity between 1976 and 1978, allowing researchers to follow their heath over the years.

Based on their amount of time spent exercising at the start of the study, participants were split into three groups. Sedentary, meaning they only engaged in activity for less than two hours per week, light exercise, which meant they worked out for two to four hours each week and lastly moderate/high exercise, meaning they endure greater than two hours of vigorous activity like every week.

Over this study period, 1664 people had heart attacks and unfortunately 425 died right away, the average age at which people in the study got heart attacks was 71.

Amongst those who had heart attacks the, majority (54 percent) were in the light exercise category and they were 32 percent more likely to survive than those who were in the sedentary group. People who were exercising at higher rates were 47 percent more likely to survive.

Being an exerciser doesn’t really guard you from future heart failure but has a substantive effect on surviving. People who exercised were just as likely as sedentary peers to develop heart failure in the five years following the heart attack.

The same was true for death over the longer term. Amongst the heart attack survivors, 83 percent died in the following 7 years after the heart attack. There was also no difference in the mortality rates between the people who exercised moderately/highly and those who exercised less.

All in all, exercise allows the body to create more pathways of bringing oxygen to the heart, even if an artery becomes blocked and causes a heart attack, the heart will always have other methods to get oxygen.


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