Reflecting on the Global Biotech Industry 2015


Biotechnology as an industry has been around for many years now.

Following the economic recession of 2008-2009, the global biotechnology industry has been growing at a strong rate, despite a slowdown in 2013. However, forecast for the global biotech industry is expected to show strong growth till the year 2019.

Emerging markets like China, Brazil and India are leading the sales in the global biotechnology market. The Americas and Europe regions hold the biggest share in the global biotechnology industry – Americas had a share of nearly 45%, followed by Europe accounting for nearly 30% of the global biotechnology industry. The medical/healthcare segment is the leading segment of the biotechnology industry and in 2014 it consisted of nearly 60% of the global biotech industry’s total value. This was followed by the food and agriculture segment.

Aruvian Research analyzes the Global Biotechnology Industry in this comprehensive research report. Analyzing the Global Biotechnology Industry covers the biotech market from the year 2010 till 2019.

The report begins with an analysis of the global biotechnology industry through industry statistics, industry value analysis and an industry segmentation. We segment the global biotech industry into bioinformatics, genomics, pharmacogenomics and proteomics. We also analyze industry financing and investments. Forecast for the global biotechnology industry is included till 2019. An industry definition precedes this section.

The Global Biotechnology Industry is analyzed through Porter’s Five Forces Strategy Analysis. We look at the biotech industry through buyer and supplier power, competitive rivalry in the industry, threat of new entrants and the threat of substitutes.


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