Quotient Changes Identity After New Acquisition


Quotient Clinical has been renamed Quotient Sciences after a series of acquisitions that it has been making ever since February.

According to their website, the company is “dedicated to accelerating the development of new drugs for patients around the world.” Their services to the biotech industry are plenty, as they are starting to create a Translational Pharmaceutics® platform in the United States that will help them further expand.

These string of acquisitions has led the company to grow and change in different ways that will allow the company to eventually come into the U.S. market.

Currently, it has acquired CDMO Pharmaterials, a UK-based company, and Quotient believes that it will strengthen its formulation and manufacturing services footprint right back to its country of origin.

The services that Pharmaterials offers are quite similar to Quotient’s, both of their portfolios include “characterization and optimization of small-molecule drug physical forms, the development of preclinical and clinical formulations, as well as contract manufacturing for clinical use and commercial supply,” according to their descriptions.

Pharmaterials has been expanding since they were founded in 2000, having established 13 GMP manufacturing suite areas in a vast 48,000 sq. ft. a facility that will be able to have more space in the future, for their expansion.

Quotient entered the American market through two closely announced acquisitions—Seaview, a pharmacology expert, and Charles River Laboratories’ CDMO unit called QS Pharma.

Quotient’s strategy behind these acquisitions was to be able to recreate their Transitional Pharmaceutics platform in the USA, as mentioned by Quotient spokesperson Robin Bodicoat. This platform works in a way that combines services from traditional CDMOs with those from CROs.

This mixes formulation development and early-stage clinical research with GMP manufacturing, which is proven to lower drug development costs and further shorten timelines. Because of these past acquisitions, Quotient now has more than 700 employees operating in both Europe and America.


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