PTC Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:PTCT) and CHDI Foundation, Inc. to Jointly Work on a Program to Reduce Huntingtin Protein


PTC Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:PTCT) has entered into an accord with CHDI Foundation, Inc. to jointly work on advancing Huntington’s disease program of PTC. The slicing technology platform of PTCT will be used to optimize the small molecule compounds to reduce huntingtin protein production.

The current compounds, which are bioavailable in animals, are highly effective in reducing huntingtin protein production in a mouse.

Chief Executive Officer and President of PTCT, Mr. Stuart W. Peltz, Ph.D. said the company is excited to jointly work with CHDI Foundation to advance the program to treat Huntington’s disease effectively. It is part of the company’s efforts to develop a treatment for the disorders that needs an immediate attention.

The company is very happy to use its cutting edge technology in developing the medicines to provide an effective cure for patients with rare diseases.

The president of CHDI, Mr. Robi Blumenstein said the company is pleased to work with PTCT after closely observing the small molecule program to reduce Huntingtin disease. The pre-mRNA splicing technology of PTCT is used to effectively cure Huntington’s disease.

Both CHDI and PTCT are working on an innovative drug to address the underlying cause and reduce Huntingtin protein and improve the quality of people.

Patients with Huntington’s disease experiences cognitive and behavioral changes, and motor impairments. The progression of this disease if not cured in time leads to death in around 25 years. The alliance of PTCI and CHDI will help to develop a perfect cure for this disease.

A Brief Information about PTC Therapeutics, Inc.

PTC Therapeutics is engaged in the discovery and development of oral treatments for patients with rare and life threatening diseases. It also commercializes the treatments for neglected and rare diseases.

A Brief Information about CHDI Foundation, Inc.

The nonprofit and privately funded biomedical research company CHDI Foundation, Inc. is engaged in developing therapies to slow down the progress of Huntington’s disease. The company is looking for a potential partner to develop new drugs and move them to clinical trial quickly.

The scientists of CHDI is working with over 700 researchers in industrial laboratories and academic institutions worldwide to develop innovative therapies.


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