Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc (NASDAQ:PGNX) Unleashes Its Business Update And Financial Results


Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc (NASDAQ:PGNX) has today moved ahead to unleash the business update for the fourth quarter and full-year as well. One rather notable attribute is the fact that 2017 turned out to be a year of significant progress for the company’s targeted oncology pipeline programs and the reality of the matter was that they were capped when FDA accepted the review of the New Drug Application (NDA) which is basically targeted at AZEDRA.

The Chief Executive Officer of Progenics Mark Baker outlined that AZEDRA  bore monumental potential in terms of its capabilities as a transformative treatment option to help the various patients struggling with recurrent, malignant, and/or unresectable  paraganglioma pheochromocytoma rare and life-threatening neuroendocrine tumors.

It is crucial to point out that to this moment there exist pretty minimal approved therapies for patients in the United States. The company is making its headway into the FDA’s action date and the commercial organization is the priority at the moment. If all goes according to plan and the approval is given, the it will then to undertake the official launch.

Mr. Baker went ahead to speak elaborately on the company’s plan to build up on the momentum targeted at advancing the company’s development-stage PSMA-targeted radiopharmaceutical programs. It is designated in such a way that it will be in a position to  find, fight and follow prostate cancer which happens to be one of the most sever conditions the world has ever witnessed.

It is an illness that has claimed quiet a significant number of lives and one of the most challenging to treat in the medical field. The other thing is that it is also quite costly and that has led a lot of people losing their lives because they cannot afford the right kind of professional treatment.

One of the officials working with the company after attending a business conference spoke to several journalists who were out to interview him. He opined, “We have completed enrollment in our Phase 3 study for 1404, with results anticipated in the third quarter, and we expect to complete our current Phase 2/3 study for PyL in the second half of this year.”


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