PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. Addresses Brain Cancer


Everyday within the biotech industry they’re new developments and strides towards finding the true cure to cancer, in all forms as well as other illnesses.
PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. (PMCB) a publicly traded company who are hard at work dedicating their efforts to developing and preparing new medicine to help treat cancer and diabetes. Analyst Rob Goldman, talks about how the companies way of dealing with brain cancer is by utilizing Cannabinoids, also known as CBD’s which may be its most overlooked and exciting offering.

“Ever since a 60 Minutes report on a novel, if not dangerous, approach to treating brain cancer was recently aired on CBS. The topic of brain cancer treatment has risen to the forefront of many in the oncology and scientific communities. Results have ranged from extraordinary to poor, but the concept of treating this deadly disease via out-of-the-box methods clearly has merit, as does the one promoted by PharmaCyte Biotech”.

Goldman stated that, “The Company seeks to combine its Cell-in-a-Box® cellulose-based live cell encapsulation technology with constituents of Cannabis, known as cannabinoids, or cannabinoid-like compounds to develop unique treatments for difficult-to-treat and deadly forms of cancer, such as brain cancer. Some cannabinoids are prodrugs that must be converted into their cancer-killing form. These prodrugs will be used with the Cell-in-a-Box® technology in ways that optimize their anticancer properties while minimizing or even eliminating adverse side effects normally occurring with chemotherapy. This approach mirrors the Company’s approach to pancreatic cancer, whereby results have proven very effective, thus far.”

With PharmaCyte Biotech working on new treatments and making remarkable breakthroughs, it shouldn’t be long before a true cure is developed for cancer and other severe diseases.


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