Pharmaceutical Industry Making Changes With Technological Advances 


With the way technology advances everyday the simplicity it adds to all industries is something all business owners will need to evolve with.

Currently the Pharmaceutical industry is utilizing new technology to help change the way research and marketing toward consumers is handled. With new advances in technology and various online platforms,  the capability of people to inform themselves about products and companies has been drastically increased.

With this change happening in the consumer marketplace, it is very crucial that organizations change their consumer marketing playbook and research to gain a better understanding of market opportunities, niches and growth fronts.

To cover this growing issue, Best Practices, LLC carried out a research project to dig deep in order to find innovative approaches for consumer marketing research as well as marketing communications all throughout various industry sectors. The research that was conducted delivers proof based benchmarks on what consumers marketing communication and research bring forth in proving most efficient for understanding and engaging consumers.

One of the many discoveries from the study: Online qualitative research is a developing tool that breaks down the geographical and scheduling boundaries that are affiliated with focus groups. “Concept testing is an unbelievably natural place for online qual. I can show a product concept, a package design for a cough drop medication, and participants are going to click on the part that interests them, click on part they like, or don’t like. And then they can provide really rich commentary about it through a pop-up box…so I can understand the ‘why’ behind the click,”  stated  a Chief Innovation Officer who participated in the study.

As technology advances to make choices that much easier through an “online” mindset, the early adopters could be the ones who make the first steps toward an effective and affordable solution to enhancing the current product offers to its customers.


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