Pharmaceutical Companies Transition Into Digital Health


Pharmaceutical Companies Transition Into Digital Health

The announcement that Novartis and Qualcomm Ventures have created a joint venture to invest $100 million in digital health is crucial and implies that big pharma is transitioning from words to action in the plan to “move beyond the pill.”

This new change builds on their ongoing relationship, which involves a partnership to utilize Qualcomm Life’s 2net technology for Novartis’ clinical trials.

What exactly did Novartis see in Qualcomm and why does this partnership become the next level for pharma?

To start lets go over Qualcomm’s technology and how it pertains to healthcare. The 2net is a piece of equipment, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, that connects into a normal wall outlet. There are a few different wi-fi, Bluetooth and cellular technologies built into the equipment that are able to sync up with dozens of various wireless activity trackers, that upload the information to a secure web portal, where patients, caregivers and healthcare professional can go over.

Currently Novartis is actually taking a major bet on digital health. This partnership will invest in early stage companies that are bringing new devices, products and services to market that boost relationships between doctors and patients and improve overall quality of life for its consumers.


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