Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:PPHM)’s subsidiary Avid Bioservices excited after being graced with the Mutliple 2017 CMO Leadership Awards


Peregrine Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:PPHM)’s subsidiary Avid Bioservices today made public the news that the company had been named the recipient for this year’s Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) Leadership Awards. The various awards given are meant to honor the different companies within the contract manufacturing space. That offered incentive to motivate them to continue with the activity of offering the insiders with reliable and accurate customer feedback. That will go along way towards helping push their development.

The top company got awards in categories of compatibility, quality, capabilities, expertise and reliability. The president and chief executive officer of Peregrine Pharmaceuticals and Avid Bioservices, Steven W. King revealed that they had built their contract manufacturing business putting into close consideration the different customers needs.

The company hopes to exceed the expectations of its wide customer base in the areas of services, technical expertise, and reliability. The CMO Leadership Awards received are a show of the major steps the company has made towards satisfying its customers as well as improving their experience.

At the moment, the high end company is laying down plans that will see it drive growth in a great way as well as expand the manufacturing capacity and portfolio as well. Its customers will most probably in a short while be able to access award-winning services.

The current times are witnessing the different health providers in corporate the advanced technology in production. That has done much towards increasing sales and at the same time serving customers with high quality products. Avid Bioservices according top sources has been rated as one of the Best Biotech Stocks with long term experience which adds up to 15 years. Its monoclonal antibodies have resulted into some major health benefits for patients.

Improving the lives of patients is the reason behind most of the research going on around the globe. Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc has lately been doing very well and even rising to become one of the top biotech stocks. There has been much concerned over what secret it employs. It is not as complicated as most of the people might be tempted to believe. It has been all about giving g priority to the customers needs and after a short while everything falls in place.


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