$OXIS Cancer Drug OXS-1550 to Provide Powerful Alternative to Existing Chemotherapies


(Oxis) Biotech has just been awarded a key U.S. Patent for its Cancer drug OXS-1550. (OXIS) now has exclusive commercial rights to develop & commercialize OXS-1550. OXS-1550 works by using two way targeting and utilizing cytotoxic agents which has been designed to attach itself and kill Cancer cells within humans.

Dr. Daniel Vallera, the inventor of OXS-1550 and Director of the Section on Molecular Cancer Therapeutics at the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center, said he believes OXS-1550 will play an important role in the treatment of cancer. The drug is designed to identify certain cancer cells and kill them, without damaging healthy cells.

“We believe OXS-1550 to be a powerful alternative to existing chemotherapies, since many patients fail chemotherapy or reach the toxic limits of their therapy,” Vallera said.

According to Dr. Vallera and the rest of the (OXIS) team OXS-1550 could provide a powerful and more favorable alternative to Chemotherapy.

The (OXIS) announcement also states that the company is gearing up for a Phase 2 clinical trial, which brings this potentially lifesaving Cancer drug 1 step closer into the hands of patients.

This is more than a stock pick… this is a company to get behind.” Said the team at BiotechStocks.com

Please Click Here to Read the Full 6/21/2016 Press Release from (OXIS)


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