Ovarian Cancer Trial Results For Prima Biomed


Prima Biomed Ltd (PBMD), a small-cap biotechnology company that hopes to lead the globe in cancer immunotherapy innovation, stated this past Wednesday the final CVAC data from the phase II CAN-003 ovarian cancer clinical testing, has displayed a strong movement for a clinically significant development in Overall Survival against standard of care in second remission patients.
As a direct issue, the share price shot through the roof 108.74% to $3.34 as of 11:30 AM this past Wednesday. The trading action is at a noticeable increase, with 22 million shares having exchanged so far.
CVac is an autologous cancer vaccine in which a person’s dendritic cells are primed ex vivo with a manna that is mixed with MUC1 fusion protein. CAN-0032 is phase 2 testing, based on 63 cancer patients, assessing the effects of CVac, in contrast to an observational (SOC) arm, in epithelial ovarian cancer patients in complete remission after the initial and second-line treatment.
In the second remission group including 20 cancer patients, the average for SOC patients was 25.53 months, which is in line with the contemporary research. As a reference, a median of this caliber has not been achieved with people treated with CVac, even after more than 3 years of an investigation.
The company’s press release highlighted that this advocates a high profile advancement with a hazard ratio1 (HR1) of 0.17. This indicates a minimum of more than a year average survival benefit for second remission cancer patients when cured from the treatment CVac.


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