Opko Health Inc (NASDAQ:OPK) Unveils Business Highlights For The Fourth Quarter


Opko Health Inc (NASDAQ:OPK) today moved ahead to pronounce the financial results and business highlights for the three months which will be ending on December 31, 2017.IMS pronounced the total prescriptions of RAYALDEE and one thing that was quite evident was the fact they went up by about 47% in Q4 2017.

And a close comparison can be struck considering the 2017 Q3 whereby the prescriptions hit the 3,900 mark in the course of the three months ending as of December 31, 2017.In January 2018, almost 79% of patients were able to gain access to RAYALDEE and that was of course under insurance plans.

There was a rise of about 15% of the 4Kscore® utilization in Q4 2017 and another comparison we can strike was that of Q4 2016 where OPKO undertook several initiatives and it sought to drive utilization of the 4Kscore test which happens to be the company’s blood test.

Essentially, it works on the principle of giving a man with elevated prostate specific androgen (PSA) levels what is commonly referred to by experts as a more personalized prediction into his chance of developing an aggressive kind of prostate cancer.

It was just recently that the company proceeded to unveil regional television ads in the Northeast for the 4Kscore test and after a short while it proceeded to expand the television ads to Florida. They have been consecutive month of hard work and planning and the company is looking forward to an even brighter future. However, that is if matters move according to plan.

An official working with the company while speaking to a number of journalists said, “On November 6, 2017, OPKO submitted a PMA for a PSA test utilizing the Claros 1 immunoassay analyzer, a novel diagnostic instrument that can provide rapid, quantitative blood test results in 10 minutes in the physician’s office with only a finger stick drop of whole blood.”

He went further to disclose that later this year the company might be moving ahead with the plan to launch a second product on the same platform. According to him, what they needed was to stick to plan and everything else would be working out soon.


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