Opko Health Inc (NASDAQ:OPK) Succeeds In Achieving The Orphan Status For Genetic Disorder Drug


Opko Health Inc (NASDAQ:OPK), one of the Biotech Stocks 2017, has made it public its securing of the orphan drug designation from Food And Drug Administration for CUR-1916.This comes as great news to all those persons suffering from Dravet Syndrome which happens to be a genetic neurological disorder.

The condition has caused major discomforts to lots of people globally though it is important to acknowledge the fact that quite much has been going on in research. Most of the top-notch companies have directed resources in research and that may help tailor some better and working solutions for suffering patients.

The coveted designation presents lots of benefits as well as incentives to the wide range of drug makers .That includes the expedited FDA approval as well as about seven years of exclusive rights after the drug’s expiry.

From a recent conducted study, it was made clear beyond any reasonable cloud of doubt the numerous benefits that come with the use of the orphan drug act have been taken advantage of in a bad way by the various drug makers. They have been using it for monetary gains.

The Miami-based Opko looks forward to that moment when it will kick start a clinical trial and that will take place later this year. It will be assessing the CUR-1916 drug as some form of treatment for Dravet syndrome.

Dravet syndrome is particularly a rare genetic disorder that results in brains dysfunction which starts in the year of birth. As time progresses, the condition deteriorates .The body’s development takes up on a negative trend and that culminates into worsening mental abilities ,long-term abilities as well motor skills.

The drug falls under a category called oligonucleotides compounds which comprises of the modified DNAs and RNAs. This one targets correcting defects in the body.

Opko’s Health stock has recently been trading at 3% higher in relation to sometime earlier on. It is the dream of most of the high end providers to continue making money even at those moments when the market is falling. Opko has been working hard to move to some higher levels of stability and business success and of course future developments will be aired out in the Biotech Stock News.


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