Opko Health Inc. (NASDAQ:OPK) Subsidiary Launches Prenatal Testing Tool

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Opko Health Inc. (NASDAQ:OPK)’s subsidiary has unveiled a non-invasive medical test that will be used detecting abnormalities in the fetus even as early as 10 weeks after conceiving. Opko Health Inc is one of the leading biotech stocks listed at SEC

The test, known as ClariTest, was developed by BioReference Labs, a subsidiary in conjunction with Opko’s business unit GenPath Women’s Health which is based in New Jersey.

Gregory Henderson, the president of BioReference said the test has the lowest rate of failure compared to similar screening methods. The ClariTest cuts on the needs for invasive screening methods which in most cases produce adverse results like loss of a pregnancy.

He says the Non-invasive screening method has become very dependable and valuable tool to be used in prenatal care. “Non-invasive prenatal testing has become an incredibly valuable addition to prenatal care and we are pleased to offer what we believe to be the most technically advanced [option] available on the market,” he says.

The new test will be to analyze at Illumina, a biotech firm based in San Diego and mainly deals in genetics analysis. The analysis will be done during the first week. Up on securing regulatory approval, GenPath plans to use samples from the Illumina analysis to carry out its own ClariTest analysis.

Illumina’s vice president and general manager in charge of the genetic health division says the best way to offer patient care lies in unlocking the power behind genetic sequencing. He applauded the partnership with GenPath Women’s Health and BioReference I utilizing Illumina technology and facilities to improve women health.

ClariTest is Opko’s most recent breakthrough into production of medicine that is driven by human genes. Opko is based is based in Miami and led by CEO Phillip Frost. The company is a leading biotech firm as well as biotech stocks at the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s subsidiary, GeneDx began a research on developmental disorders in February.  The research centered on the use of human cell research technologies. The research is still in progress I collaboration with Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, a Great Britain-based nonprofit research institute specializing in genetic research


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