OPKO Health Inc. (NASDAQ:OPK) Announces Strategic Plans For Coming Quarter Including Starting A New Trial And Hiring New Chief Commercial Officer

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OPKO Health Inc. (NASDAQ:OPK) seemingly has a wide-range of plans, for expansion regarding their products, as well as the hierarchy of the business itself, in this coming quarter. The company has announced plans to hire a new Chief Commercial Officer.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the company is also currently looking towards beginning their trial for injectable, for the purpose of treating Osteoarthritis. The injectable itself is called Enko and serves as a once-a-year intra-articular injectable.

More details about the hiring of a new Chief Commercial Officer

It was originally announced on February, 7 that OPKO Health was on the search for a new Chief Commercial Officer. However, it seems that the search did not last long, as the company announced that they would be hiring Thomas Nusbickel.

Nusbickel will be responsible for the promotion, and commercialization of various products. These will include the likes of RAYALDEE, extended-release capsules, for the treatment of SHPT or secondary hyperparathyroidism.

The firm stated, “We are delighted to promote Tom to Chief Commercial Officer, as he has a proven record of successfully launching biopharmaceutical products, including the nephrology market. Tom’s duties will include the insurance that all sales, marketing, and market access activities are co-ordinated to meet our strategic commercial objectives.”

OPKO Enko Drug Is Set To Go On Trial

In addition to this, the company also recently announced that their Spain branch is currently in the process of launching Enko onto a clinical trial. Enko is a once-a-year injection, which is designed in order to be resistant to Osteoarthritis.

The drug itself will allegedly be submitted as a Class III medical device. Furthermore, the company announced that the drug will mainly be targeted to markets based throughout the European Union. If all goes to plan, the company did state that they plan to release Enko in the early 2018’s.


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