Ocera Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:OCRX) Yet Again Announces Encouraging Results From Its Phase 2b STOP-HE Study

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Ocera Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:OCRX), one of the Top Biotech Stocks, has over the years has done much towards helping patients struggling with conditions such as acute and chronic orphan liver defects, has today made it public that it will soon be unveiling encouraging results. The results will as a matter of fact be from the Phase 2b STOP-HE study of intravenous (IV) OCR-002.The patients used in the study are those that had earlier on been hospitalized with the Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE).

Further analysis of the data has been carried out from the STOP-HE trial and the recent confirmation is that OCR-002 safely and rapidly lowers ammonia. The most important part is the fact is that the reduced ammonia in a significant way correlates with clinical improvement.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ocera, Linda Grais in an act of great confidence said that the company had showcased much trust in the fact that the most relevant considerations included the measurement of efficacy sooner after the administration of the drug, earlier timings and provision of a tolerable dose regimen of OCR-002.

The company expects to hold a discussion later this year with FDA in a move to review the data. The recent study showed that IV OCR-002 showcased numerous advantages over placebo and the company viewed that as quite an encouraging factor.

The development of OCR-002 to cater to patients suffering from hepatic encephalopathy is a major one and the company isn’t stopping at that! It hopes to get even deeper into research to see to it that it is even able to tailor much better solutions in this regard.

The company’s future expectations have been drafted in a number of the forward looking statements and just as it is always the case with other companies’ forward-looking statements, these ones are also associated with numerous risks. A lot of people may feel the need to look at the latest developments and use that to make the investment decisions. Going by that may in itself be a step towards the wrong direction.

Ocera Therapeutics is one of the Best Biotech Stocks and people around the globe are looking forward to see it make major developments in future.


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