Not Enough Funding For developing Modern Drugs To Cure Life Threatening Diseases


Biotechnology sector continues to witness excellent growth in today’s time, and the reason behind this is nothing but shift of major companies towards rare disease. They have started focusing more on those diseases, which have no solutions at all. The cost of treating such disease is high, which leaves the biotech companies, with very fewer options. It gives a feeling as if there is not enough funding available for the treatment of such diseases.

The Historical Data Is Not Supportive:             

Recently a report of Biotechnology Industry Organization was published, which stated that the past few years were not good for the biotech industry in relation to the funding. The series A financing in this industry has come down to less than 50% mark of its original value between 2006-2013. At the same time, the venture funding of the company has also come down to half of its original value.

Last time when the biotech industry was at its peak was 2006, but after that, it has not enjoyed any such privilege. The report Biotechnology Industry Organization covers two timelines. The first five year period went through 2008 and the second five-year period ended in 2013. The report covers all the proceedings that took place in this industry over the past 7-8 years. The objective of this report is not to touch on small issues but to unearth major points that can make or break the industry.

With the help of this report, companies and government can easily come to know normal issues that biotechnology world has been facing for so many years. The only way that is available to fight the prevailing adverse conditions is to get financial support. It is going to be a difficult task for the industry to recover unless government comes forward and offer a helping hand.


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