Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc (OTCMKTS:NWBO) Brain Cancer Immunotherapy Suspension Has Been Lifted By The FDA

Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc

The previous clinical hold, which was placed on the Brain Cancer Immunotherapy treatment, sponsored by Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc (OTCMKTS:NWBO) has been officially placed on suspension, by the U.S Food And Drug Administration.

The reason behind the original suspension of this clinical trial was not due to the fault of the company, nor the product but rather that of a lack of time. When the enrollments were being processed, Northwest Bio did not manage to make the cut, in the time before enrolments closed.

The immunotherapy to which Northwest Bio is working on and its capabilities

To fully comprehend the reason why the company, was forced to suspend its clinical trials, it is simpler to explain that the company, at the time did not have enough patients to undergo the full extent of the trial. However, the patients, who were already chosen, were allowed to continue the treatment process, as if they were in the trial.

The product itself is following the somewhat normal trend, which is to stimulate the immune system, with the intention of reversing tumor growth, as well as eliminating any cancer cells, which may be present.

However, despite the ban being lifted off of the clinical trials for the drug, the company seems to be opting out of re-enrolment. Although this could be for a diverse range of reasons, from the statements made by those within the company, it is believed that the company does not find these trials worth the time and resource investment that they will take.

Recent moves that have been made by Northwest Bio

Looking away from the science and the medication for a second, the company itself has made some rather strange moves in the corporate world. The first of which is the delisting of its stock on Nasdaq, which took place in December.

However, this is due to the fact, that the stock exchange explained to the company, that the company was no longer able to meet all the requirements, which entitled companies to be a part of that specific stock market.


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