New Treatment For Joint Pain Could Be Through Stem Cell Therapy


Doctor Andrew J. Rochman promotes the specialized treatment of Stem Cell Therapy in his private practice in New York. The heightened popularity of positive response from its ability to target a growing number of health conditions has brought increased attention and demand from people who experience pain. Doctor Rochman opened the Cell Therapy Center of New York (CTCNY) in 2016 where he targets the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, eroded cartilage and joint issues like tennis elbow and golf elbow. He dedicated his practice to the extensive population suffering from musculoskeletal damage arising from sports injuries or the wear and tear from aging. Rochman stated, “We are always seeking a safer and more effective alternative to surgery to battle physiological symptoms with the hopes of giving patients a pain-free life.”

Doctor Rochman underwent extensive training from United States Stem Cell, Inc., a center for the development of effective cell technologies recognized for treating a variety of diseases and injuries. United States Stem Cell’s discoveries include multiple cell therapies in various stages of development that repair damaged tissue due to injury or disease. Chief Science Officer Kristin C. Comella, expert in regenerative medicine with a focus on adipose derived stem cells, pioneered stem cell therapies derived from various sources including cord blood, bone marrow and muscle. Comella stated, “By harnessing the body’s own healing potential, we may be able to reverse damaged tissue to normal function. Stem cells have the ability to form many types of tissues like bone, cartilage, muscle, and even help to reverse some effects that have been caused by damaged tissue.”

Doctor Rochman’s treatment center has recently seen an increase of patients from Long Island’s athletic and fitness community. John Graziano, President of the Wildwood Warriors triathlon team, is one of the many joint and back pain sufferers from sports injuries seeking this alternative pain treatment. He said, “In the world of triathlon, I train, I race, and I live with pain; and lots of it.” Doctor Rochman stated, “The potential here is limitless. It’s actually a simple, yet unique form of therapy with the possibilities of doing miraculous things. We found out within the past several years that human beings have stem cells in every tissue of their body and they actually live around the blood vessels.” Today’s stem cell therapy has been shown to manage and target a wide range of healing possibilities from blood cell diseases to cardiac disorders to autoimmune diseases. Doctor Rochman said, “So what we can do now is to extract fat cells from the belly or bone marrow cells and isolate the cells from those damaged tissues. Perhaps in the future we can utilize this process to target neurological diseases, heart diseases; and we don’t even know where it ends.”


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