New Resource for Stem Cells is Found on the Teeth


For several years stem cells are deemed to be the solution for many health issues since they are handy in treatments. They have the ability to transform in any cell in the organism where they are inserted and replicate an infinite amount of times thus stem cells are crucial to treat terminal diseases.

Stem cells can be removed from any tissue, even from dead people, the only limitation is that scientists need to gather enough of them to perform their work and draw conclusions.

A new approach to stem cells may facilitate the extraction process, Karl Kingsley along with numeral students have found that the wisdom teeth contains a significant amount of stem cells. About 5 million in the United States have their wisdom teeth removed every year and when removed they are still in good conditions. Given their healthy state, the wisdom teeth contain a tooth root pulp that allows damaged cells to reproduce.

During the study scientists found several ways to break the wisdom teeth in an even way so it wouldn’t loose the root pulp. The best method granted by the “Tooth Cracker 5000” was to use a clamp to hold the teeth, a cutting tool and a blade to open it, by doing so they were able to evenly cut the tooth in half. The initial study was performed on 31 wisdom teeth and about eighty percent of them had living cells on them. The study also reports that the amount of stem cells is less on adults passed the age of 30, however people prior to that age can still donate stem cells found in their teeth.

The study is promising and scientists aim to continue the research by performing the cryogenic process in which they will freeze the teeth for future use.


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