New Advances With Cancer Treatment


There have been a lot of advances in cancer treatment… to start… the HPV vaccine may be more effective in preventing cervical cancer than health experts had hoped. HPV infections can cause a pre-cancerous condition called cervical dysplasia … that can lead to cervical cancer.

A University of New Mexico study found that after the after the introduction of the vaccine in 2007, cervical dysplasia rates among teens dropped more dramatically than expected. Researchers say improving vaccination rates could help protect even more women from cervical cancer.

The cancer drug to treat melanoma, such as with former president jimmy carter, has now been shown to help patients with advanced lung cancer. Keytruda works by unmasking tumor cells so they can’t hide from the body’s immune system… was able to lengthen the time it took for the cancer to start growing again… and improved survival rates… when compared to chemotherapy.

Another drug to treat melanoma, this one called Yervoy, has been shown to prolong survival in patients with advanced stages of the disease. After patients with stage iii melanoma had surgery – doctors say Yervoy lead to a 5-year survival rate of 65-percent…. compared with 54-percent in a group of patients who got a placebo.

One last bit of promising cancer news…. this time for women who’ve been treated for ovarian cancer and are in remission. A Danish study finds an experimental drug can delay the time it takes for ovarian cancer to grow again in some patients. The study involved women with recurrent ovarian cancer with the BRCA mutation. The company that makes the drug may apply for FDA approval by the end of this year.


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