Neil Woodford Looks To Attract Investment In UK’s Biotech Field


Who’s not aware of the prominent investment guru, Neil Woodford, in United Kingdom? Well, he is someone, who can change the direction of investments in the UK. Woodford has decided to roll-out his investment vehicle worth $300 million in United Kingdom with an objective to attract a host of investors to invest in the biotech field.

Insights on The Matter:

His trust Woodford Patient Capital Trust has some long lasting plans for the biotech industry of the country, for which he wants cooperation of the small investors. Woodford has been working hard for months to make it a grand success. He always wanted to start a fund, with his name-brand, which prompted him to depart from Invesco and start putting efforts in this direction. His decision of forming a trust has proved to be one of the best step taken over the past many years. The reports claim that his fund has received some attractive reviews in the local press.

Woodford is one of the most sought after investors in the biopharma field. His attempt to defend AstraZeneca management when Pfizer tried to take over the company was well-acclaimed across the nation. He is confident that UK’s investors will back his decision and support him to take the biotech industry to all new levels. As per the reports, the new trust will focus on lifting the investment in the biotech industry, which has been sidelined for the last few years.

The fact that has received attention from the media and the investment world is the absence of trust fees. Woodford has decided not to charge usual fees to manage this trust. According to him, the objective of the trust would be to generate at least 10% return initially. In place of charging fixed fees, Woodford would take 15% of the returns that he will generate for the investors. A win-win situation for everyone.


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