Most Profitable Income Is In Health Care


If you can deal with handling sicknesses on a regular basis and are willing to dedicate about a decade’s worth of training to become an expert in it, you will be among the highest U.S. earners. New research from displays the top 10 highest paying jobs tracked by the online jobs marketplace, six are health care-related.

The top 3 are surgeons, are at the top, followed by psychiatrist and general- practice physician. All three jobs are expected to expand by 18 percent between 2012 and 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Kyle Kensing, editor of, stated there is more behind the published median salary of $352,220 for surgeon.

“What’s fascinating is how different the salaries can be in that category,” Kensing said. “Depending on the specialty, the salary can jump to almost a half-million [dollars] for some surgeons.”

Indeed, different information shows that, or example, orthopedic surgeons command an average annual income of more than $460,000 and heart doctors who specifically deal in invasive procedures grab above $461,000.


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