Medical Implants May Have A Resistant Coating To Prevent Rejection


Medical experts have had to battle against the disposition of human blood to cause destruction in the operations of implants for years. Scientists have now created a method that might finally solve this problem by providing implants with blood-resistant properties. If carried out, it could save thousands of lives threatened by difficulties. Internal medical equipment like titanium rods and catheters to support broken bones are being used by thousands every day, and they perform essential life-saving purposes. However, inserting foreign objects into the body carries its own risks, Futurism reports. Chief among them is the blood that seems to clot around the foreign materials, which could cause severe health problems.

Thanks to a new team of material and biomedical engineers from the Colorado State University, this issue is closer to being resolved. The result of their collaboration is the creation of a surface therapy with “superhemophobic” characteristics. Essentially, it creates a coating that will allow materials like titanium to resist blood. This will prevent clotting. The team published their findings in the Advanced Healthcare Materials magazine. In the paper, the scientists explained how their work could result in significant advancements in creating better medical implants. The paper’s Abstract reads,

“The hemocompatibility of superhemophobic surfaces is investigated and compared with that of hemophobic surfaces and hemophilic surfaces. This analysis indicates that only those superhemophobic surfaces with a robust Cassie–Baxter state display significantly lower platelet adhesion and activation. It is envisioned that the understanding gained through this work will lead to the fabrication of improved hemocompatible, superhemophobic medical implants.”

Aside from the substantial difference that the surface brings to preventing blood clots, it also stands to advance the prevention of rejection. Typically, when the body’s immune system detects a foreign object in the body, it activates the defenses in order to fend it off. This leads to inflammation, which has been known to cause death. By applying the surface treatment, the body won’t even know that the foreign object is there.


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