Mayo Clinic Offers New Proton Beam For Cancer Treatment



Its innovative discovery in the world of technology that is over a decade and close to 200 million dollars in the making. Mayo Clinic is moving in the direction of a new era in medicine with its proton beam treatment facility.
It is the heralding of a fresh era. Beyond the walls of the Richard O. Jacobson, building fabricated truth a turning point in Med City cancer care. However walking through its doors, a patient might feel like they’re entering into a therapeutic spa.
“We want them to feel very welcome here and very comfortable, and realize that this is a place of healing for them, and hopefully many happy moments,” stated Dr. Robert Foote.
With spectacular art displays hanging on the walls, it is a serene welcome to the home of cancer’s greatest enemy. “We think it’s the cleanest, most accurate type of proton beam therapy available,” stated Dr. Michael Herman. Not one, but four proton rays
are easy for patients in the building, they’re very large machines designed to give the most innovative radiation treatment.
To start their journey, the scenic walls of Minnesota nature snapshots guide a patient directly to a potential opportunity for a cure.
“The biggest difference between proton radiation therapy and conventional x-ray radiation therapy is the way the dose is deposited in the patient,” stated Herman
The beam directs the dose through a set of magnets making a straight path to the tumor…it is what makes it an ideal treatment for kids or patients with cancer near vital organs.


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