La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company (NASDAQ:LJPC) May Be The Hope For Low Blood Pressure Patients


La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company (NASDAQ:LJPC) made a statement saying that LJPC-501 (angiotensin II), which happens to be a low blood pressure treatment drug, had attained the central objective.

The announcement was followed by a sudden sharp rise in the stock price which shot up to reach 81% going at $36.15 for each share.

The placebo-compared Phase 3 study associated with LJPC had the drug showcase a statistically great improvement in boosting blood pressure. This was way far above placebo’s abilities in the treatment of persons suffering from catecholamine resistant hypotension (CRH).

From the study results, it was discovered that 70% of the 163 LJPC-501-treated patients experienced blood pressure responses and that was a greater percentage in relation to placebo-treated patients that stood at 23 %( of the placebo-treatment).

Catecholamine resistant hypotension (CRH) happens to be one of the most dangerous body disorders. It is usually characterized by very low blood pressure and an accompanying distributive shock. As a matter of fact, at this particular point the heart is functioning properly in terms of pumping blood. However, there is a problem when it comes to the distribution of blood to the rest of the body. This is usually the height of the low blood pressure defect.

From time to time, health care providers come in contact with patients whose systems respond quite poorly to available treatments such as drug, vasopressors or the rest of the substances which cause blood vessels to constrict. Top Biotech Stocks are associated with companies that take research seriously.

The drug does quite a remarkable job when it comes to helping the human body regulate blood pressure. United States has always been reporting about half a million people suffering from the distributive shock condition. Asides from that, reports indicate that about 200,000 end up with the CRH condition. It is a sad fact that the CRH cases loose their lives within a period of 30 days and that is of course as a result of the frustrating nature of the defect. When it comes to treatment, the costs are high all the same! Each patient should equip himself/herself with $100,000 in order to obtain the standard treatment which is of as a matter of fact unaffordable to lots of people.

Biotech Stock News may soon be focusing on La Jolla Pharmaceutical Co. (LJPC) considering the progressive moves the company is making.


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