Jaguar Health Inc (NASDAQ:JAGX) Issues Updates Regarding Educational, Commercial And Product Development Programs


Jaguar Health Inc (NASDAQ:JAGX) issued the updates regarding educational, commercial and product development plans. Effective July 31, 2017, the company merged with Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and bought its first-in-class, FDA-permitted Mytesi®.

The buzz

From August 1, 2017 through the close of December 2017, preliminary sales of Mytesi® came at around $1.40 million. During the stated period, Mytesi® sales surged over 78% compared to average monthly sales of Mytesi® recorded between January 2017 through July 2017, which is prior marketing initiatives were deployed in the combined firm and the deployment in Q4 of Napo’s team of nine sales reps. On average, over the course from August 1 through December 31 of 2017, sales jumped 17.71% each month compared to the prior month.

Six of Napo Pharmaceuticals’ nine extremely trained Mytesi® sales reps are ex long-term personnel of the HIV portfolio operation of Bristol-Myers Squibb, while the rest of the team has broad experience in drug sales to gastroenterologists as well as HIV healthcare providers.

Lisa Conte, the CEO and President of Jaguar, expressed that Napo Pharmaceuticals has identified a high-prospective prescriber base of 3,500 HIV specialists and 1,500 gastroenterologists who view the highest count of people struggling with HIV. The sales force of Napo is based in the U.S. geographies with the top potential, and is aiming the prescribers with the maximum potential to drive Mytesi® operations.

From September 1 through November of 2017, there was a remarkable jump in new Mytesi® prescribers, both HIV specialists and gastroenterologists, coincident with the deployment of company’s direct sales force. Lisa Conte, the President and CEO of Jaguar, expressed that as per the data issued by IQVIA, the count of Mytesi® prescriptions noted by physicians surged an average of 9.5% per month over the preceding month from August 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017.


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