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    GT Biopharma (OXIS) Executives to Present at Rodman & Renshaw Conference in New York

    GT Biopharma (OXIS) pushed higher on Wednesday (8-9). This surge began mid-morning and continued right into the closing bell. This could be an indicator for what’s to come for the later half of this week. In addition to this, the company announced today that Executive Chairman, Anthony J. Cataldo and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Kathleen Clarence-Smith will discuss the company’s promising oncology and central nervous system drugs during a presentation in September at the Rodman & Renshaw investor conference in New York.

    GT Biopharma (OXIS) Executives to Present at Rodman & Renshaw Conference in New York

    If you’re just catching up to speed, (OXIS) is in the process of completing the merger of Oxis International Inc. and Georgetown Translational Pharmaceuticals Inc. The merger combines Oxis’ oncology drugs with Georgetown’s central nervous system drugs and Georgetown’s leadership team, which includes incoming CEO Dr. Clarence-Smith, an experienced pharmaceutical industry executive. The deal is expected to close before September 30.

    In our opinion (OXIS) could be just getting started here. Ahead of this proposed merger and ahead of this next presentation, attention has been building so much so that now (OXIS) is holding at levels of more than 50% compared to where it was just a few weeks ago. Since (OXIS) has been a proven runner in the past, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see another run.

    Now that the company has begun to expand with its latest acquisition, there could be real, near-term opportunity for the company considering what Georgetown Translational is bringing to the table.

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